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Passport Photos

Passport photos

We have just started offering passport photos for those needing photos. We offer all sizes needed in most passports. If you are a Notary Public and need to be fingerprinted for your recommission, we will include your photo at no additional charge.

Female Notary and Live Scan Technician

Each gender to serve your needs

We have another notary and live scan technician available to serve you. For those who would feel more comfortable working with a female, you can request Rose. Rose has been working as a live scan technician for the past few months and has recently been commissioned by the State of California as a Notary Public. We look forward to seeing the great success of Rose and she looks forward to helping those in need of her services.

Contactless Live Scan Fingerprinting

Safe and secure live scan fingerprinting appointments

During this unprecidented time ACME LIVE SCAN & NOTARY has inplemented security measures to keep its customers safe. The Department of Justice has made it possible to allow the acceptance of only flat fingerprint impressions. This means that when possible we can take your fingerprints without touching you. (sometimes this is not the case) We are doing our part to keep everyone safe as we perform this necessary process for the community.

Along with the contactless fingerprinting we have implemented appointment scheduling through our website. This will allow you to make an appointment and pay for the entire appointment. The fee listed is for most fingerprint applications and adjustments may need to be made at the time of your appointment. When scheduling you will be able to indicate the ORI code from your Live Scan Request Form so that we can make any payment adjustments prior to your appointment. This will allow a complete contactless appointment with you.

COVID-19 Update...We are open!

Do you need a live scan fingerprinting appointment?

During this unprecidented time ACME LIVE SCAN & NOTARY has been classified as an essential service because we provide necessarry fingerprinting and loan signing services. Since we are essential this has made us more cautious in the way we conduct business. We are now using gloves, masks and hand sanitizer for all appointments. We have an area set aside for clients to be fingerprinted in our home office. We are still doing mobile appointments but ask if you or someone in your family is sick that you not schedule an appointment. We want to minimize risk to us and our clients. Please book appointments through our website or you can call or text for availability at 925-237-1475. Stay safe during this time and minimize your exposure with others.

New Service - Process Service

Do you need court documents served?

Now offering process service for all of your court documents. We will give (serve) the court documents to the other party and then provide you with the proof of service so that you can file it at the court. We offer this service for any and all documents for the Contra Costa courts and we have a bonded Contra Costa Process Server to accomplish this task for you. Our price includes three attempts to serve your document. Let us help you get it done. Schedule an appointment through our website or give us a call.

New Year!

What will the new year bring?

A new year brings many new opportunities and a time to reflect on the past. Here at Acme Live Scan and Notary we are working hard to be a one stop resource of knowledge and service. We want to be able to help where we can and if we can't help direct you to the person which can help.

As we move forward this year Acme will be working on hiring another Notary Public and we will start offering "Process Serving". Expect all of these enhancements to be put into place by March 2020.


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Subject: Thank You!
Once I contacted ACME Live Scan & Notary for 7 affidavits, they immediately started the process and had all completed with great professionalism and within the very week of my first contact.
Post By: Dilson Oliveira Created Date:Monday, November 25, 2019
Subject: Yelp Review
Jeff is a great guy and I've used his services three times now. He works out of his house or mobile and he usually has an open schedule and can work great with last second calls. He is a licensed notary and also does live scans and it's pretty quick unlike a busy notary at a store. I recommend him and I will continue to go back to him.
Post By: Morteza A. Created Date:Monday, July 20, 2020
Subject: Yelp Review
My husband and I used him as a notary for our marriage license and he was very helpful and quick. A month later we used him again for our marriage certificate and again he was quick and was able to see us within 5 mins of us calling him. Quick, cheap and efficient. Although he does not have a fancy facility and you meet at his outdoor home office, he gets the job done quickly and at a fair price.
Post By: Emily A. Created Date:Monday, July 20, 2020